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Terms Tattoos

Only people 18 years and over will be tattooed. An exception is 17 years, with a special condition, being that they are accompanied by a parent. The decision is made by the tattoo artist individually.

The customer is obliged to inform the tattoo artist about possible allergies, medication taken and known diseases (e.g HIV, hepatitis, epilepsy, eczema, etc.).

I reserve the right to refuse customers whithout providing a reason. This is especially true for political designs.

4. Down payment
When ordering individual designs and setting an appointment, a deposit of € 50.00 is required. For works with a size of A3 and bigger, € 100.00 is required, which will be deducted at the last tattoo appointment, and does not represent the true value of the design.

5. Cancellation and moving appointments
For cancellations of appointments five (5) days before the date the deposit for the tattoo is repaid. For commissioned drawings and/or changes to existing designs, the deposit counts as compensation and will be retained.
If an appointment is moved by the customer five (5) days before the actual delivery date, the deposit will be transferred to the new date.

6. Bid and contract
A contract for the production of a tattoo is concluded as soon as the customer commissions a design for the tattoo and makes an appointment for the tattooing.
The assignment is confirmed by the payment of a deposit by the customer. With this bid the customer is entering into a legally binding contract as per instruction, or contracted work.
The bid also includes the possibility that small deviations, typos and technical changes to the designs and descriptions are given.
In the above mentioned cases, a challenge and/or termination of the contract is excluded.

7. Follow-up
A follow-up appointment is included in the price and must be set within 8 weeks and exercised withing 12 weeks after the last tattoo appointment. After this period or in case ofor noncompliance with the care instructions, costs of repairs/touch-ups are a minimum of Ä 50.

8. Release
The photos of the tattoo or drawings may appear on the Internet and in the portfolio openly. The customer may object at any time, after which the content will be removed.
All rights remain with the tattoo artist.

9. Liability
The customer is responsible for follow-up itself. For any consequential damage, complications or the dislike of tattoos, I assume no liability.
The customer agrees with the signed declaration and is therefore willing to waive any legal action against the tattoo artist.

Terms Art

1. General
The Terms apply to all works which were created by Mandy Frank, and all the contracts made with regards to her artistic performance.
The current version of these Terms and Conditions applies in all cases.

2. Copyright
All works created by Mandy Frank are the intellectual property of and subject to the copyright of the artist. Reproductions and publications of works or illustrations are not permitted without a signed, written consent. Copyrights remain unaffected by the sale of the works.

3. Sale
A sales contract is concluded when a confirmation email is sent to the buyer with the account details of the artist, or a deposit payment for work is made. (See Conditions of Tattoo)
Should the payment not be received within 14 days by the artist, the contract shall be deemed void.

4. Delivery and Shipping
Goods will be sent or delivered after full payment is received by Mandy Frank. The shipping costs depend on size and agreed shipping method and are the responsibility of the buyer. The artist is not responsible for damage in transit.

5. Privacy Policy
The data of the buyer will be stored electronically and used for the contact and contract. There is no data available to third parties.

6. Accountability and Warranty
The artist is not responsible for deviations from the illustrations.
No liability is accepted for damage caused by improper handling and storage, especially long-term exposure to light.

I Legal Limitations
All contracts with Mandy Frank based on these terms and conditions are subject to German law.

II Severability clause
If individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions become completely or partially invalid or void the rest of the contract remains valid. The ineffective or void provision shall be replaced in accordance with the provisions of law.