Do you do tattoos?

Yes, fill out the contact form if you wish for a watercolor tattoo. I am a regular guest at BLCK OAK in Hamburg, Germany. Check my Insta for available wannados and appointments.

Do you do commissioned artwork (illustrations, covers, tattoo designs, murals etc.)?

Yes, just email me. I’m also interested in all kinds of other projects like video or including lifepainting in shows. I don’t do portraits of real life beings, human or pets though. For commissions I take a deposit of 50% of the final quote.
Here is a minimum pricelist of commissioned originals for you in 2021:

A4 starting at 250€, A3 starting at 350€, A2 starting at 450€, walls from 2000€. Got the idea?

Plus shipping cost of 5 € in Germany, more expensive to other countries.
In case you want the rights to use my art e.g. for publications,’ll have to pay a license fee.
Prices can change as time goes by. I can give you a quote, just contact me with the details.

Deposits? Why?

There is a lot of preparation involved when creating an individual artwork. During the preparation phase you might want to withdraw from the contract, which is fine, however I need to cover the costs of my time and resources. This is why a deposit is necessary.
Please pay the deposit in advance and make sure the remaining amount is being paid until 2 weeks after I finished the artwork. You’ll get a low resolution jpg of the finished work. I’ll send the original as soon as I received the full amount for the artwork.

What if I want something changed in the design?

No problem, if there are sketches, I do two changes in this stage for free. It is best if you collect all your feedback and send it to me in one email, so I can implement all your changes in one go. The more detailed the information, the better I can fulfill your wishes.
The only catch is about color. Since I am working with traditional media, possibilities are limited. In the worst case you’d have to commission a second piece, if I have to repaint it from scratch.

I cannot find a specific original in the shop. Do you still have it?

Some works I hold too close to my heart, and it would be like giving away my personal diary.
Simply email me with the picture title, or a screenshot maybe the timing is right. Take a look at my
instagram to see more of my art!

I’d like a print of a specific artwork, it’s not on your Etsy shop

I collaborate with several printing companies and can order individual prints on various surfaces and sizes. Send me an email with your request.

I like your stuff. Can I support you?

Recommendations, likes and comments on social media always help artists to reach more people. ;)
If you want to leave a tip, I am grateful if you do so on my Ko-Fi: