The Tale of Madness

My first musicvideo and hopefully not the last. I have 1000 ideas in my head for musicvideos and alike. If you would like to do a nice collab, let me know!

The Dancing Painter

Music is my muse. Painting alone is too quiet, I need to move! I worked on a 1 hour liveshow for 6 month and performed at Dunkelmärfestival 2021. Imagine this on a huge stage with a lightshow and fireworks, a band playing in the foreground or additional dancers performing...this is my dream. If you know how I can get this out of my head and into reality, every help is appreciated.

Dragol Collab:

Dragol asked me to appear in their musicvideo and together we developed the idea of the blind seer who turns the lyrics into drawings. Yes, I was almost blind and I switched from right- to lefthanded drawing in between.